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IG Technologies is a premier cybersecurity provider with a robust global presence in the USA, the Caribbean, and other Latin American countries. With over a decade of industry expertise, we specialize in delivering top-tier cybersecurity solutions to effectively address the ever-evolving technology and data security challenges. As exclusive distributors in cybersecurity, we are uniquely positioned to provide cutting-edge technology solutions that enhance security measures and drive profitability for your business. Our extensive network of partners represents the pinnacle of excellence in the market, ensuring that our clients receive best-in-class products and services.

Cybersecurity Solutions Provider

Your trusted partner in navigating the ever-changing cyber landscape

Your trusted partner in navigating the ever-changing cyber landscape

Revolutionizing cybersecurity with agile and robust technologies

Revolutionizing cybersecurity with agile and robust technologies

Pioneering cybersecurity solutions for a safer tomorrow

Pioneering cybersecurity solutions for a safer tomorrow

What We’re Offering

Cybersecurity Services for All Fields of Application

Strengthen your company’s security on all fronts with our cybersecurity services. We protect every aspect of your business.

API Security Solution

The foremost unified API protection platform available today

Active Directory Security

How can you ensure that your organization is more secure tomorrow than it is today?

Application Security Solution

Leaders in Gartner Quadrant among 12 AST vendors, for execution and vision.

Database Security Solution

Eliminate unmonitored, over-privileged, and unauthorized activity in your data stack

Email Security Solution

A complete email security solution that monitors all email traffic.


The most secure and agile high-security strong authentication. No device. No password. Effortless.

Online Banking Security

Secure authentication, app protection, and financial transaction security

Phishing Simulation & Awareness Training

Training for Enhanced Security Awareness and Cyber Resilience

Office 365 and Backup Solution

Complete data protection, security, and compliance for Microsoft 365.

XDR Platform All-in-One

The cutting-edge end-to-end automated cybersecurity platform

Professional Services

We can provide Cybersecurity and Compliance services

We Offer the Best Cybersecurity Solutions

We are committed in protecting your environment through innovative solutions.

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Cybersecurity solutions for your business

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IG Technologies is promoting and coordinating a robust community that works together to advance an integrated ecosystem of cybersecurity education, training, and workforce development. We must ensure that technology also amplifies women's voices so that they may have a stronger impact on the future course of our world.
Iris Garcia

IG Technologies, CEO

Tech Sister Program

We are committed to bringing women and girls to the center of innovation. The future of technology must be one of equality, where women’s voices are amplified. Let us work together to create a digital landscape that empowers women and girls and ensures that innovation benefits everyone.
As our organization expands, we are deeply committed to improving social, economic, and political outcomes for all.  Women lag behind men in technology use due to education gaps and other dimensions of discrimination.