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Online Banking Security

Security Suite

Protect your company with multilevel cyber security solutions.
Innovate with our solutions and scale your business without losing the security that your ecosystem needs.

We provide robust security solutions to authenticate users and to protect applications and financial transactions from cyber attacks.



Our modular solutions are designed to provide the best strategy for authenticating operations on all your channels

Facial Identity

Integrates facial biometrics registration, proof of life processes, and ID document verification to prevent fraud and duplicate users.


Robust authentication service: Soft token hosted on mobile device provides OTPs for “something you have” authentication.

ID Validation

Extract data from ID documents, authenticate via MRZ, NFC, Barcodes, QR Codes, and various other available methods for verification.

Mobile Biometrics

Utilize mobile biometric features like FaceID, TouchID for “something you are” authentication, enhancing login and transaction approvals.

The Power of the Security Suite

Offer unique experiences to your customers.

Multi-purpose authentication

Multi-purpose authentication

Security on all your channels

Security on all your channels

Verification according to rules

Verification according to rules