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Active Directory Security

Cybersecurity that works for you

Protect the critical information you store — and the vehicles used to get to it — by bridging the gaps between your. Various security silos. Secure your organization across all the primary attack surfaces: data, identity and infrastructure.

Data is what threat actors are after, so make sure you can secure it properly.
Identity is the new perimeter. Secure the identities of users and admins to protect your data and systems.
Protect it all, from endpoints to servers, and from the data center to the cloud.

How can you ensure that your organization is more secure tomorrow than it is today?


Identify and mitigate security risks by performing Active Directory security assessment. Active Directory is secure when it’s clean, understood, properly configured, closely monitored and tightly controlled. 


Rest assured your Active Directory is protected from security incidents. To minimize the risk of AD security breaches, organizations need to implement safeguards that protect Active Directory.


Be confident that you can spot threats in time to prevent a breach. Because Active Directory is a mission-critical system, it is a prime target for adversaries. Ensure you can detect threats to Active Directory in time.


Save the day by mitigating the impact of Active Directory security incidents. When an AD security incident occurs, every second counts. The Netwrix solution empowers security pros to respond quickly.

End-to-End Active Directory Security Solution

Windows Active Directory is a prime target for attackers seeking access to your critical data and IT infrastructure