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Email Security Solution

Protect Your Business Emails with AI-Powered Security

Stopping 99% of phishing attacks missed by other email security solutions.

Trustifi’s advanced protection leverages the power of machine learning and AI to quickly identify and mitigate the most sophisticated email-bourne attacks, from ransomware and malware to phishing attacks (malicious links), CEO impersonation protection, BEC and account compromise, keeping inboxes safe from hackers.


Email Security Platform That Is Easy to

Deploy, Manage, and Use

Inbound Shield™

Advanced threat protection prevents the widest spectrum of sophisticated attacks before they reach a user’s mailbox. Our comprehensive cloud-based email security solution acts as an email filter, using sophisticated AI to scan inbound emails, effectively identifying and blocking email threats.


Outbound Shield™

Mitigate human error and sensitive data leakage with easily enabled DLP to automate email scanning and 256-bit AES encryption. Set up outbound email encryption rules and threat protection policies for your entire organization in minutes. Remain fully compliant with 10+ frameworks with one click


Account Takeover Protection

Detect anomalies in user behavior with contextual signals. Automatically alerts admins and end users of any suspicious account activity, offering robust protection against sophisticated email attacks. Neutralize advanced threats in real-time by instantly blocking taken-over or compromised accounts.


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Sophisticated Threat Protection

Sophisticated Threat Protection

Remain Fully Compliant

Remain Fully Compliant

Tailored Business Security

Tailored Business Security

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